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Recent comments
Drew Tappan Monday, Nov.7, 2005.

Today, millions of Californians just like you will go to the polls. As Americans, they'll exercise our most sacred privilege. They'll vote. They'll make their voices heard. And... they'll defeat the Governor's special interest agenda. Californians know the governor is taking them in the wrong direction, and they know that a no vote on his propositions, and a yes vote to defeat the drug companies and bring you more reliable electricity is the way to do it. Click Here for a Voter Guide.

Polls Are Open Until 8 P.M. Today

For more important voter information like polling locations, your voting rights and a voter guide to take to the polls, click Read More....

Julia Rosen Tuesday, Nov.8, 2005.

We have been hearing reports of a few problems at the polls. And it turns out that Arnold himself had some troubles when he went to vote with Maria this morning. When the poll workers looked him up, he was told he had already voted.

Elections officials said a Los Angeles County poll worker had entered Schwarzenegger's name into an electronic voting touch screen station in Pasadena on Oct. 25. The worker, who was not identified, was testing the voting machine in preparation for early voting that began the next day.

Drew Tappan Tuesday, Nov.8, 2005.

Our own personal election watchdog is darned near tuckered out - but there's still a lot of work to be done.

Make sure your voice counts. There have be several reports that television stations have said you can mail your ballot in today. Do NOT mail your absentee ballots today! In order for your ballot to count - it must be in the hands of elections officials by 8 PM on Election Day. That's today, folks. You can deliver your completed ballot to any polling place in your county - or to your county elections officials before 8 PM, and have your vote counted.

Julia Rosen Tuesday, Nov.8, 2005.

It is voting time. Have you made it to the polls yet? Have you read all of the news yet today on the election? No, well you are in luck, because here is your election coverage.

It is do or die time now as voters go to the polls, or as the Chronicle says, Judgment Day. The Terminator’s agenda is slated to go down, not by robots, but by regular working people who stood up against his attacks. Judgment Day: Voters to determine fate of Schwarzenegger measures

After being barraged by radio and TV ads, badgered by celebrities and warned about everything from higher taxes to a Republican power grab, California voters go to the polls Tuesday to decide the fate of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's ballot proposals.

Drew Tappan Tuesday, Nov.8, 2005.

It's election morning, the polls are open, and Californians all over the state are making their voices heard at the ballot box. They're sending the governor's agenda down to a much deserved defeat, and that's entirely due to the hard work regular Californians like you have done throughout the last few months. The polls show you've done a spectacular job. We won't accept this governor's attempts to sell us out.

It has been a whirl-wind campaign, and we're almost there, but there's still work to be done. Throughout the day, all over this great state, men and women, workers and management, young people and seniors, your friends and neighbors will be working that last push to get people to the polls. They'll be helping you exercise your rights, and they'll be helping us change this state for the better - not forcing fake "reforms" on us. So, when your phone rings this afternoon, or when someone knocks on your door this fine fall morning, let them know you appreciate what they're doing.

Then, do your part. Call you friends, family, and neighbors. Tell them why you are voting NO on the governors agenda, and ask them to join you. Most importantly, ask them to vote. The governor's special interest agenda won't build a stronger California, but more interest from more Californians will.

Thank you. You've made all the difference.

Julia Rosen Monday, Nov.7, 2005.

I just got off the phone with one of the dedicated firefighters, Rich Esparza, who works in the Fresno area. He was busy manning the grill at one last Alliance GOTV BBQ, but took a few minutes to tell me about the eventful day he had this past Sunday.

Yesterday, Rich went down to demonstrate at an Arnold rally in Bakersfield. Much to his and a couple other firefighters’ surprise, Arnold handlers were so desperate for bodies to fill the empty space, they started asking our men in blue if they wanted a ticket to get into the governor's hand picked rally. Eager to hear what new promises the Governor had to make, he accepted.

Julia Rosen Monday, Nov.7, 2005.

SUSA and Hoover have come out with the last numbers we will see until 8:01 PM tomorrow.

Here are the SUSA numbers which show Arnold losing on all four measures. The previous results are in parentheses. The biggest shift is on Prop. 75, which moved 9 percentage points our way.

Prop 74
Yes 48 (49)
No 51 (50)

Prop 75
Yes 45 (50)
No 54 (49)

Prop 76
Yes 39 (49)
No 59 (49)

Prop 77
Yes 41 (42)
No 56 (56)

Julia Rosen Monday, Nov.7, 2005.

As this election draws to a close we have a bunch of people and organizations we need to thank. If you have ever wandered over to our endorsements page you can see the thousands of names on that list. Some of our supporters have gone above and beyond the endorsements and have sent out emails on our behalf to their lists. I would like to take the time to thank them. I apologize if I have left anyone off of the list. They are in alphabetical order by type of organization.

Julia Rosen Monday, Nov.7, 2005.

We just got this email in from Bob Mulholland of the California Democratic Party:

Arnold had about a dozen people outside Cozy Diner, while we had 400. Inside Arnold had about 30 people in booths with Arnold stickers- not average people having breakfast. I was inside also but for some reason, Arnold did not stop to try to greet me.

Gee, Arnold really is speaking to the masses isn't he? Quite the momentum builder, that event...

VoteYesOn79 Monday, Nov.7, 2005.

There used to be a show called Santa Barbaraa soap opera full of mystery and intrigue, which is not unlike this campaign. Prop 79 is fighting, against all odds, the forces of money and influence... of the prescription drug industry.

There was another article this morning about drug companies using their money to try to buy this election in the San Francisco Chronicle. But if our trip to the real Santa Barbara is any indication, Californians aren't buying the drug company line.

In a city known for its beauty, we held our Sunday morning press conference in front of the Santa Barbara Courthouse, known as one of the most ornate courthouses in the US. Its pueblo-andalusian architecture made a stunning backdrop for the event.