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Israel & Palestine Resolution  



            Whereas, the situation involving the Israelis and   Palestinians has been steadily deteriorating into open warfare; and,


            Whereas, all of the nations of the world still have not stood up together to guarantee the right of the State of Israel and the State of Palestine to exist in security and peace; and,


            Whereas, there can never be a full and lasting peace in any land that does not afford and provide justice for all of its people, regardless of race or religion; and


            Whereas, people of all faiths, backgrounds and nationalities have not stood up together to condemn all acts of terrorism of every nature; and,


            Whereas, the people who live in the Israel/Palestine area should have the self-determination to decide the historical and emotional political issues that presently divide them; and,


            Whereas, further bloodshed in the Israel/Palestine area is unacceptable and unnecessary;


            Therefore be it resolved that each one of us individually and with all of our strength and fortitude guarantee, and recommend that our country and the world community guarantee, the existence and security of the State of Israel and the State of Palestine; and


            Further be it resolved that all people in Israel/ Palestine area be afforded and provided justice for all claims and grievances; and that reasonable compromises be reached by parties; and,


            Further be it resolved that from this day forward, each one of us will decry and condemn all acts of terrorism, which are defined as the use of force by individuals, groups and/or states for the intentional injury, destruction and/or killing of civilians, which includes all forms of suicide bombings, but also includes acts like firing missiles out of helicopters to kill or injure people below, whoever they may be, and which intentionally clouds people’s ability to think and maintain an open mind; and,


            Further be it resolved that questions as to the future existence of the Israel/Palestine area, such as the issue of where borders are to be drawn, and the status of Jerusalem, are to be decided primarily by the people who live there, with other countries and world bodies playing a neutral role under the guidance of the Geneva Accords.





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