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October 31, 2004: Last Minute Sneak Ads by 'Yes On 72' are Intended to Trick Voters

October 13, 2004: Average Uninsured Workers' Pay Could Drop After California's 'Play-Or-Pay' Health Insurance Law

September 29, 2004: New Study Finds Prop 72 Would Destroy 150,000 Jobs in California
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Prop 72
Prop 72 requires employers with 20 or more employees to provide health insurance for their employees or pay a huge tax to fund a massive state bureaucracy that would provide the coverage. Employers with 200 or more employees would have to provide coverage for their employees' dependents as well.

Prop 72 is a $5.3 billion tax on employers and a $1.7 billion tax on employees, who would be forced to pay their share of healthcare costs even if they can't afford it. California would become one of only two states with employer-mandated healthcare coverage, giving businesses even more reason to close their doors or move to another state. As one newspaper editorial said, "Those whose jobs (Prop 72) eliminates won't be getting 'affordable health care on the job.'"

Families who have private health insurance now could lose that coverage and be forced into the state-run program. We could be stuck with high deductibles and co-payments as employers struggle to pay the new healthcare tax, and we could lose access to our doctors if they aren't approved by the bureaucrats administering the state program.

Vote NO on Prop 72.

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Californians Against Government Run Healthcare, a Committee Against Proposition 72, with major funding by restaurants and retailers including the California Restaurant Association and the California Restaurant Association Issues PAC. 07.06.04

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