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Prop 70 Q & A
How does Proposition 70 work?
Does Proposition 70 means huge new urban casinos?
How does Proposition 70 differ from Proposition 68?
Who else supports Proposition 70?
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New Information Support Prop 70
Below you will find the most recent news items relating to the Indian Fair Share Revenue Act known as Prop 70. For article details please click a headline below.
Video Statement from Richard M. Milanovich, Chairman of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
Palm Springs - October 29, 2004
Today I want to remind voters that with Proposition 70, California's gaming tribes are offering 500 million dollars a year - for a century - to California.
Our Voice: Proposition 70 brings money to state, eases load on taxpayers
Palm Springs - October 22, 2004
The average taxpayer stands to shoulder less of a financial burden if voters approve Proposition 70. Itís a good deal Californians canít refuse to pass.
Cardenas Slams Schwarzenegger's Anti-Indian Remark
Los Angeles, CA - October 21, 2004
ďThe Governor needs sensitivity training and an American History lesson,Ē said Cardenas.
Bay Area Ministers Endorse Proposition 70
San Francisco - October 20, 2004
"Proposition 70 is a fair and just solution for Native American tribes to exhibit corporate responsibility by contributing tax revenue to the State of California and at the same time maintain their sovereignty on their tribal lands."
California Black Chamber of Commerce Endorses Proposition 70
Sacramento, CA - October 15, 2004
The Proposition 70 campaign continued its surge of endorsements with the announcement today of the strong support of the California Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC).
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