Why Law Enforcement Oppose the Gambling Proposition

Bay Area Traffic Congestion

CA Profesional Firefighters
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September 26, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle

2 bad bets on gambling

September 26, 2004
The Sacramento Bee

No on 68 and 70
Abuse of the initiative process

September 26, 2004
The Bakersfield Californian

VOTE NO ON 68, 70

September 24, 2004
Los Angeles Times

Both Gambling Measures Failing

September 24, 2004
Torrance Daily Breeze

Prop. 68 opponents say slots will bump up traffic

September 21, 2004
Santa Rosa Press Democrat Editorial

Casinos Royale: Don't buy these misleading measures, vote NO on 68 and 70

August 27, 2004
For Immediate Release:

Central Coast Sheriffs, Law Enforcement Leaders Oppose Prop. 68

August 3, 2004
For Immediate Release:

San Diego county education, government leaders
SAY NO on 68


"So the question before voters really is whether they want the worst of both worlds: nothing more from the tribes and a huge expansion of casino-style gambling. … None of [the facts cited by proponents] is a good reason to open the state's top cities to the crime, congestion and strife that come with casino gambling."

Los Angeles Times Editorial
December 9

"There is an unfortunate link between big-time casino gambling in an urban atmosphere and higher crime rates. With law enforcement budgets stretched beyond the limit in many of the targeted communities, the last thing we need is this kind of crime incubator."

David LaBahn, executive director, California District Attorneys Association

"The initiative is essentially a way for card rooms and race tracks to get into the casino business... Think traffic is bad now? You ain’t seen nothing yet"

San Mateo Daily Journal Editorial
May 12

"The state would be required to issue licenses for another 30,000 slot machines to be allocated to the five racetracks and 11 card-room operators that have put this nakedly self-serving measure on the ballot. … Like many initiatives, this one promises benefits. Those benefits would bring hidden consequences. … The only sure way for California to win in this game is for this measure's proponents to fail."

Sacramento Bee Editorial
December 14

"The California Police Chiefs Association strongly opposes the casino gambling initiative and intends to take the lead in encouraging all Californians to reject this threat to public safety."

California Police Chiefs
Association statement (4/14/04)

"A dangerous expansion of gambling in California"

San Diego Union Tribune Editorial
April 2


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