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Facts about Propositions 68 and 70:

Proposition 68, the Non-Tribal Commercial Gambling Expansion Initiative on the November General Election ballot:

  • Gives a sweetheart deal to a small group of 16 card club and racetrack owners to operate 30,000 slot machines in local city and suburban neighborhoods.
  • Allows for huge Las Vegas-size mega casinos near schools, churches and parks.
  • Places some of the largest casinos in the world within miles of city freeways, creating huge problems with traffic and congestion.
  • Hurts the state's budget -- not one dollar will go to reduce the state's deficit.
  • Hurts the environment -- exempts new casinos from local planning and zoning laws.
  • Hurts local law enforcement and fire departments -- more casinos means more crime, which would actually increase public safety costs.
  • Hurts schools -- none of the new tax money could be used for classroom spending and it would cost millions in higher administrative costs.

Proposition 70, the Tribal Gaming Compacts and Exclusive Gaming Rights Initiative on the November General Election ballot:

  • Gives Indian gaming tribes a 99-year monopoly on gambling without ever having to pay their fair share in revenues to the State.
  • Encourages tribes to put casinos in our state's major cities, increasing urban gaming.
  • Provides no auditing vehicle to determine profits; as a result, taxpayers will never know if they are getting a fair deal or a raw deal.
  • Hurts local government, public safety and the environment -- Tribes under Prop 70 are not required to negotiate with local government to mitigate or provide money for environmental, public safety or other effects attributable to the project.
  • Does not contain a single provision addressing labor, worker safety or third-party injury.

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No on Propositions 68 and 70 - Governor Schwarzenegger's Committee for Fair Share Gaming Agreements with major funding from Governor Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team. FPPC ID# 1266181