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Yes on 64 Close the loophold thats allows shakedown lawsuits
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"My family came to this country to pursue the American Dream. We work hard to make sure our customers like the job we do. One day we get a letter from the law firm demanding $2,500. The letter didn't claim we broke the law, just that we might have and if we wanted to stop the lawsuit, we needed to send them $2,500. I called a lawyer who said it would cost even more to fight, so we sent money even though we'd done nothing wrong. It's just not right."
--Humberto Galvez, Santa Ana

"Proposition 64 will stop the legal practice of shakedown lawsuits, in which private lawyers file suits without any client or any evidence of harm. This turns lawyers into bounty hunters, stalking innocent small businesses that create jobs and opportunity in California."
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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It's time to close the legal loophole that is letting personal injury lawyers file shakedown lawsuits and demand attorneys' fees from California businesses even though:

  • No one has been harmed,
  • And no one has asked that the lawsuit be filed!

The Legislature could stop this abuse, but it will not. For years sensible reforms have been blocked in Sacramento by the rich and powerful personal injury lawyers' lobby. In the meantime, the list of shakedown lawsuit victims has been growing. Thousands of small businesses -- nail salons, auto repair shops, restaurants, and many others -- have been hit by frivolous lawsuits filed by personal injury lawyers using a loophole in California law. That's why a broad-based coalition has formed Californians to Stop Shakedown Lawsuits (CSSL) to ask the voters to do what the personal injury lawyers have blocked lawmakers from doing -- to close the legal loophole and stop shakedown lawsuits by voting YES on Proposition 64.

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