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Yes on 64 Daily Shakedown - 10/28/04
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Daily Shakedown

Ordering up pay ups -- or else...

After receiving a clean bill of health from Los Angeles County health officials, and no customer complaints, one pizza parlor owner went on happily doing her job of serving the best pizzas in town... Until, she and hundreds of other hardworking restaurant owners were targeted by shakedown attorneys and their phony consumer group. These attorneys had hijacked old county health records, and demanded settlements for minor violations that had already been resolved by the agency.

She was left with two costly options. Either pay the extortionate shakedown personal injury lawyer or spend valuable time and resources fighting the frivolous suit in court.

Like many minority owned mom and pop restaurants, she was forced to pay up -- even though no one had been injured, damaged or misled. And not one of her customers had ever complained.

Current law leaves the door wide open for these frivolous shakedown lawsuits. Proposition 64 will stop these abuses and increase the resources for public officials to enforce California's consumer protection laws.

"They really are seeking a piece of the American dream and instead they get a slice of an American nightmare."
-- John Dunlap, Former President of the California Restaurant Association speaking about his members who have been sued
California Bar Journal, February 2003

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