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 Proposition 63 - Fulfilling the Promise of Mental Health Care in California 
Learn more about Prop 63

Proposition 63 expands mental health care for children and adults, using programs proven to be effective. It is paid for by a 1% tax on taxable personal income over $1 million. It requires strict financial accountability. Prop 63 is supported by nurses, mental health professionals, law enforcement, educators and many others.  Learn more »

Prop 63 Rush Hour Visibility

  [6:00pm: 11/1] - Long Beach | more »    

Supporters of Prop 63 are banding together to make one last push before election day.  At 63 locations statewide on Monday and Tuesday, during morning and evening rush hour, we will gather at busy intersections to promote a YES vote on Proposition 63.  More info »

    Prime Hours:
Monday Tuesday
7:00-9:00am      7:00-9:00am
4:00-5:30pm 4:00-5:30pm
You can join us.  Connect with your Prop 63 field coordinator, make signs and come on out.

Check back for regular updates through election day!  Send us your pictures »




Young Devin Costello shows her support
in Long Beach

Who Supports Prop 63?  
A broad coalition, including doctors, nurses, teachers, police, firefighters, elected representatives, organized labor, the mental health community and thousands of individuals, has enthusiastically endorsed Prop 63.  Click here to see the full list »

Featured endorser:  Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California

Prop 63 TV Ads Are On the Air!
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Prop 63 TV Ads



Images of hope for California's mentally ill.
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Assemblyman Darrell Steinberg on the promise of Prop 63. 
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