Forced Cuts to Other Vital Programs

Forces funding cuts to police and fire protection, aid for dependent families and children, domestic violence relief, highway maintenance, and every other worthy organization.

Section 16 states:
"The provisions of this Act shall become effective January 1 of the year following passage of the Act, and its provisions shall be applied prospectively."

However, actual income from a tax increase is not collected until 2006. Meanwhile, the Department of Mental Health is demanding 0.70 percent of net personal income tax receipts be deposited into the newly established Mental Health Services fund for the 2004-2005 tax year.

The 2004-2005 California State budget has already been established. Other social, community and state programs are already counting on this money. Where is the money supposed to come from?

Our police and firemen deserve better.

Families in need may be at risk too.

No more taxes.