Governor Schwarzenegger is Opposed
(& he’s not the only one)

From Gov. Schwarzenegger's own web site:

“Proposition 63 is good intentioned, but it will only make the challenges we face with our budget and California’s economy worse. Until California’s fiscal health is fully restored we must take care to not overreach in ways that threaten our fragile economic recovery. We also must be sure not to take piecemeal approaches to solving health care related issues in California.

”Proposition 63 will not contribute one cent to education or dealing with the budget crisis. Instead, Proposition 63 will create a new tax and government bureaucracy, making our already bad budget situation even worse.

“Join the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the Small Business Action Committee, and me in voting NO on Proposition 63.”

Join the Governor and vote NO on
Prop 63.

No more taxes.