October 19, 2004 (916) 444-1502

Former Governor Jesse Ventura Opposes
Proposition 62 - Louisiana Primary Initiative

(Sacramento, CA) – One of America’s most successful non-partisan candidates, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, has officially announced his opposition to Proposition 62, which would create a Louisiana-style Election system in California.

In an open letter addressed to California voters, Ventura stated, “It is no surprise to me that big money is behind Proposition 62, and its efforts eliminate real choice for the voters in upcoming California Elections.” If passed, Proposition 62 will prevent minor parties from appearing on the November ballot. This is because only the top two vote getters in the Primary Election will emerge to the General Election in November.

Ventura added, “In Minnesota, September 1998, I only received 3% of the primary vote in the race for Governor. Despite these numbers I went on to win the general election in November. Under Proposition 62 … I would have been excluded from the general election in November and never would have been able to serve as Governor of Minnesota.”

“As a successful statewide Independent candidate, Governor Ventura’s opposition to Proposition 62 is a very important development. The proponents of this measure are largely wealthy politicians who want to change the rules of the game to keep people like Ventura off the ballot in November. Governor Ventura is known for his political independence and plain-speaking common sense approach to politics, and we are grateful for his support,” said No on 62 spokesman Greg Hill.

For more information on the No on Proposition 62 campaign, please visit the No on 62 website at

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