Monday, September 27, 2004

Our primary considerations - PROPOSITION 62

The Pasadena Star News

At first glance Proposition 62 appears to be the ballot equivalent of the people's choice awards. But closer examination proves it promises far more than it can deliver. Worse, it probably won't hold up to the court challenges sure to follow if it passes.

Under the measure, voters will be able to choose from among all candidates on the primary ballot. Then the top two voter- getters will move on to the general election.

The problem? Two Republicans or two Democrats or two Greens or any duo made up of any parties could face off in the general election. Where's the choice in that?

Backers of Proposition 62 desire to elect moderates to the state Legislature and to Congress (presidential elections are exempted), the same goal of proponents of the state's blanket primary of 2000, ushered in by Proposition 198.

That concept was tossed by the U.S. Supreme Court. Citing the First Amendment right of association, the court ruled that political parties have the right to restrict primary voting to members of their own party. That can't happen under Proposition 62.

Say "no' to Proposition 62.


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