August 17, 2004 (916) 444-1502

Field Poll is More Bad News for
Louisiana Primary Backers

(SACRAMENTO, CA) The new Field Poll, released yesterday, is more bad news for supporters of Proposition 62, which would create a Louisiana style  election system in California. The polls showed that only 44% of voters currently support Prop. 62, with 31% opposed and 25% undecided.

“Support for Proposition 62 has dropped six points since May and is now well under 50% in every poll,” said Dave Gilliard, chief strategist for “Californians for Election Accountability – NO on 62”. “As voters hear the details about 62, they turn against it.”

Under Proposition 62, California would adopt a blanket primary system where all candidates from all parties appear on the same ballot. The two top vote-getters, regardless of party, would then face each other in a run-off election. In many districts, voter choice would be limited to two candidates from the same political party and minor party candidates would be frozen out of the general election process.  Louisiana is the only state that uses such a system.

“Voters want choices and accountability. The bizarre system envisioned by Prop. 62 severely limits choice and makes the Legislature and the major parties less accountable,” Gilliard concluded.   

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