August 9, 2004 (916) 444-1502

Judge rules YES on 62 ballot arguments to be "objectively untrue and misleading" —

Orders term "Open Primary" stricken from official ballot pamphlet argument

(SACRAMENTO, CA) In a major victory for opponents of Proposition 62, a superior court judge today ruled that ballot arguments submitted by the sponsors Prop. 62 are “objectively untrue and misleading” and ordered the term “open primary” to be deleted from the arguments.

Proposition 62, modeled after Louisiana law, would create a blanket primary and run-off system in California.  If Prop. 62 passes, all candidates from all parties would appear on the same primary ballot and the top two voter-getters, regardless of party, would appear on a November run-off ballot.  Louisiana is the only other state that uses the system.

“Proposition 62 is not an open primary, it’s a bizarre blanket primary system used in only one other state,” said NO on 62 strategist Dave Gilliard.  “Prop. 62 would eliminate voter choice in general elections, make all elections more expensive and destroy third parties.”

A coalition of public interest groups and concerned citizens has formed the group Californians for Election Accountability to oppose Prop. 62.

“Now that a judge has ruled that their ballot argument is false and that 62 is not an open primary, we call on the sponsors of Prop. 62 (Californians for an Open Primary) to stop misleading voters by changing their committee name and refraining from using the term ‘open primary’ to describe their initiative,” said Greg Hill, spokesman for Californians for Election Accountability.      


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