Help us Save California from the Corrupt Louisiana Elections Scheme

This November, Californians will have to choose whether or not to adopt Louisiana Style elections for California. The proponents of this scheme are calling it the latest "Open Primary".

The fact is, if this passes, we won't have primary elections anymore. Our election system will be modeled after the Louisiana style run off system that allowed dangerous fringe candidates like David Duke to be on the 1991 Louisiana ballot for Governor. Third parties will never see the light of a general election under this new system. Republicans and Democrats will be fighting themselves and corruption will overtake our great state.

Californians for Election Accountability is a broad–based grassroots coalition dedicated to stopping the attack on our election system and 100 years of California history. Our supporters hail from every major and minor political party and various political organizations all over the state. Everyone believes in something and everyone has something to loose if this passes.


Organizations OPPOSING Prop 62 :
Governor Jesse Ventura - Center for Voting and Democracy - Sacramento Union - League of Conservation Voters - The California Republican Party - The Californian Democratic Party - The California Libertarian Party - The Green Party of California - The California Peace and Freedom Party - Latino Coalition - American Independent Party of California - Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association - California Women's Leadership Association - California Federation of Teachers - California Common Cause - Pasadena Star News - San Diego Union Tribune - Orange County Register - San Gabriel Valley News - Dan Stanford, former head of the Fair Political Practices Commission

Latest News

Prop 62 will squelch innovation in state politics
October 21, 2004 Mercury News

Former Governor Jesse Ventura Opposes Proposition 62 - Louisiana Primary Initiative
October 19, 2004 Press Release

Our Voice: Prop. 62 reduces voters' choices, could impede turnout
October 10, 2004 Desert Sun

Tempting, but troubling
September 29, 2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer

New Poll Shows Prop. 62 Losing By Nine Points
September 29, 2004 Press Release

It's power politics - dressed up as reform
September 28, 2004 Orange County Register

Our primary considerations - NO ON PROPOSITION 62
September 27, 2004 Pasadena Star News

Field Poll is More Bad News for Louisiana Primary Backers
August 17, 2004 Press Release

Judge rules YES on 62 ballot arguments to be "objectively untrue and misleading"
August 9, 2004 Press Release

Should voters go for an open primary?: No
July 11, 2004 Sacramento Bee

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Here’s what Prop. 62 will do in California:

  • DENY ballot access to hundreds of qualified candidates.  If this measure had been in effect for the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections, 300 Assembly candidates and 50 Senate candidates would have been denied an appearance on the November ballots.
  • LIMIT CHOICE. This measure forces voters to choose  between only 2 candidates  and in numerous districts those candidates will be from the same Party.
  • INVITE FRAUD. The experience in Louisiana is clear. Their run-off primary system has increased fraud and election abuse.
  • ALLOW RADICALS to manipulate the system. The David Duke example is only the most infamous of many from the State of Louisiana.
  • DEPRESS TURNOUT. Voter turnout in Louisiana is the worst in the nation. In the last General Election in Louisiana, only 33% of registered voters bothered to participate.


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