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This Price is right for Sacramento

HSU chemistry prof joins race for governor


By Lynette Mullen

Eye Correspondent

Though the odds of winning the lottery can reach 20 million to one, local candidate for governor Darin Price points out that someone beats those odds almost every time.  “To say it is a long shot is a big understatement,” admitted Price. “But no one knows… I had to approach one person at a time to get on the ballot.  If every one person votes their conscience, anything can happen.”

The Humboldt State University chemistry teacher received the official word from the Secretary of State last Tuesday:  he is on the ballot.

Price threw his hat in the ring even though he is opposed to the recall. “I don’t believe Davis is a criminal or has been grossly negligent… and I believe the use of resources [for a recall election] should only be used in extreme circumstances. But there is a recall, and if there are to be debates and discussions, our issues should be a part of it,” he said.

Price plans to use his involvement as an opportunity to highlight North Coast issues like fishing, timber, water and agriculture. “Many people think the state ends with San Francisco,” Price observed. “Our issues are largely ignored.” 

The local candidate has already given interviews to the Washington Post and many radio talk shows and fielded an e-mail request from the Sacramento Bee during this Eye interview.

With over a hundred governor hopefuls on the ballot, some have questioned Price’s sincerity.  “This isn’t a joke,” he countered.  “I feel strongly enough about the local issues to invest one thousand dollars of my own money.”

Price said he has been slogging through mountains of paperwork, most recently from the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission and believes he finally has a grip on the hundreds of pages of legalese, thanks to help from the local elections office.

“This was a unique opportunity to get on the ballot.  I decided to stop getting mad and complaining and do something.  I think it will take a person with creative imagination and I have the background, experience and ability to help… I don’t know if I want to be elected, but if I am I will take it.  I could not do a worse job than the current situation,” he added. 

The Natural Law Party candidate has been in almost daily contact with his party.  Though he said the group supports his efforts, and appreciates the publicity, Price insisted that he is not a party man. “I am not going to be a flunky for some party,” Price said.  “I am an individual with thoughts and feelings, and I will speak the truth.”

According to Price, the Natural Law party is currently the country’s fastest growing political party. The group stands for “prevention-oriented government, conflict-free politics and proven solutions.”

“We need to better the economy without raising taxes,” Price said. “By being socially responsible and fiscally conservative.”  Price said he is struck by new ideas almost daily on how to make the state government run more efficiently and get more spending power out of every dollar.

“Sacramento is not frugal.  I don’t mind spending money, but I don’t like wasting money.” Price believes the answer lies in more creative solutions.

“We need to be more imaginative,” he said. “Many people think there are only two choices in a situation, A and B, maybe Democrat and Republican. But most are just being close-minded and not being creative.  Sometimes we need to come up with C, D, and E or a combination of A and B.”

Price said the Citizen’s Patrol is a good example of creative community problem-solving.  According to Price, Opie’s Fine Cars donates the vehicles used by volunteer patrols.

“This is a match between community service and private businesses where all benefit,” he said.

Natural Law Party

According to Price’s website, Natural Law Party priorities include prevention-oriented health care; education and vocational training; crime prevention and rehabilitation programs; tax reduction through cost-efficiencies; environmental protection using energy efficient and nonpolluting energy sources; protecting American’s food supply through sustainable, organic agriculture practices; and mandatory labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods.

For more information on Price or the Natural Law Party, visit Price’s website at www.priceforgov.com.