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Who is Rob McKay

Rob McKay, a leading California businessman and noted philanthropist, is the primary sponsor of the Election Day Voter Registration (EDVR) initiative. Rob authored EDVR to increase voter turnout in California and deter those who take advantage of their voting privilege by increasing penalties against voter fraud.

McKay believes Californians should have a stronger voice and greater stake in issues that impact their schools, businesses, and communities. He explored political participation with public policy experts and other researchers who share his concern about the decreasing number of Californians turning out at the polls.

Rob is the managing partner of the McKay Investment Group, which provides venture capital for early-stage technology and consumer product companies, including Foodfit.com, Essential Elements and Salon.com. The Group is a major investor in U.S. Robotics, the world's leading provider of Internet access and manufacturer of computer modems.

Rob, along with his brothers and parents, established the McKay Foundation in January 1992. It is a private family foundation dedicated to helping revitalize low-income communities and providing greater economic opportunities and affordable housing for underprivileged families. The Foundation provided critical support in community-wide efforts to rebuild South Central Los Angeles following the L.A. riots.

The family foundation originated from the hard work and success of McKay's father. Robert Sr. had his own business, a small architect's firm and construction business. In the early 1960s, he was hired to design a building for a new fast-food company named Taco Bell. After completing the job, he joined the young company as President. Over the next 15 years, Robert Sr. expanded Taco Bell from one restaurant to a successful national chain, eventually overseeing its sale to Pepsico.

Originally from Orange County, Rob received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Occidental College in Los Angeles. In 1988, he moved to the Bay Area to obtain a post-graduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley that emphasized economics and non-profit management, laying the groundwork for his career in business and philanthropy.

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