General plan of Monte Mar Vista, Los Angeles, 1924

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Cook and Hall - Landscape Archt's, 664 I W Hellman Bldg, 1924, Inset key map shows Monte Mar Vista in relation to Wilshire Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, National Blvd., Los Angeles Speedway, and adjoining country clubs. Monte Mar Vista is in the northern area of the Cheviot Hills neighborhood., 483-6, Subdivided by W.R. McConnell and Fred W. Forrester, Los Angeles, Cal., Subdivision based on topography furnished by Horace Taylor, C.E., Colored by Bertha S. Sturtevant, Monte Mar Vista subdivision bounded by Cheviot Hills, Motor Ave., Eddleston Place, Queensbury Dr., California Country Club property, Hillcrest Country Club, Rancho Country Club, 409 Lots, General plan of Monte Mar Vista, Approved Design For [blank] By [blank] Jan 3 1924, Note: All dimensions are scaled and are subjet [sic] to change when map of record is prepared, Access to this collection is generously supported by Arcadia funds.

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