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Searching the Liber Extra

Keyword Search: Retrieves all text in the records. The digital version of the Liber Extra contains the title headings from the 1582 edition, and the text that appears in the Materiae singulares to elucidate the context of the topical terms that appear in that table. In search results, click ‘more info (full record)’ to discover why your search retrieved the record.

Single Term:  e.g. clericus, episcopi, matrimonium.

Exact Phrase:  Enclose words in quotes (" ") to find exact expressions: "Actio generalis quid continere debet", "Libellus est duplex", "De purgatione vulgari”.

Truncating Terms:  Use % for truncation, or as a wildcard in the middle of a term. For example, "conjug% will find all words with that stem.

Combining Terms:  When two terms are typed they will be automatically joined by "and". Use "or", and "not" as operators to combine terms: "congregatio or populus". "Or" will retrieve records where both terms are present, "not" will exclude the second term.

For help on saving records and notes across sessions, see Saving Collections.

Saving Collections

The Collections feature allows users to create, save, and edit groups of records with attached notes.

Any user may create a Collection and save it in public mode. To create private Collections, or share these with designated users, register at the site by clicking the login link at the top right of the screen. Create an identity with a password, and provide an email address so that you can send notifications about Collections or particular records to yourself. Your email address can also be used to recover your password.

Creating a Collection

To save records in a Collection, click the Add button that appears beneath brief or full records. Click either Add Note or Add with a Note to add remarks to the record. These remarks will appear attached to records only when those records are part of a Collection. If you click Add Note the record will be saved to the current Collection automatically.

Saving and Using a Collection

View all records that have been added to a Collection during searches by clicking My Collection on the menu bar. You may remove any record by clicking the Clear button beneath it. Remove a Collection by clicking Delete.

The buttons on the left-hand side of the screen allow you to:

Open   View the collection name, owner, and any passcodes that have been assigned if you are a registered user who is logged in.
Save   Save the collection with a name of your choice.
Save As   Save a revised version of collection with a different name and access privileges.
Email   Send information about the Collection to yourself or another person.
Clear   Delete the entire content of the Collection.

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Collections for Frequent Users

All Collections stored at the web site are visible, but only those stored for public access may be viewed and edited. Click All Collections on the menu bar to open the menu. If you are a registered user who has logged in, your personal Collection will appear at the head of the list. The Owner Access and Access Level labels will show the status of a Collection, and whether a passcode is required to view or edit its contents.

If you return to a Collection that you have previously saved and add additional records, or change the notes on existing records, save the revised collection under a different title to avoid over-writing the first.