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A Century of Los Angeles Elections

Keyword Search: Retrieves text from all elements of the Campaign Literature metadata: title, subject, language, year, and type. The brief records that appear in search results do not display complete data for the item, and will not necessarily show the part of the record in which the keyword appears. Click ‘more info (full record)’ to discover why your search retrieved the record.

Single Term: roosevelt, bonds, governor.

Exact Phrase: Enclose words in quotes (" ") to find exact phrases: "sales tax", "term limits", " upton sinclair”.

Truncating Terms: Use % for truncation, or as a wildcard.
e.g. "vot% finds vote, voters, voting; wom%n finds woman, women.

Combining Terms: Use "and", "or", and "not" as operators to combine terms.

"davis and recall", "prohibition and women ", will retrieve records in which all terms are present.

"gaming or gambling”, “tribal or indian” will retrieve either term.

"camejo not primary", "secession not hollywood" will exclude records where the second term is present.

For help on saving images and notes across sessions, see Virtual Collections.


Virtual Collections make the archive more usable by offering an open, dynamic application in which users can create, store, and edit personal collections of documents and websites. Virtual Collections allow users to store collections with names of their own choosing, and add notes to particular records.

Any user may create a Virtual Collection and save it in public mode. To create private Virtual Collections, or share these with designated users, register at the site by clicking the login link at the top right of the screen.

Creating a Virtual Collection

To save records in a Virtual Collection. click the Add button that appears beneath brief or full records. Click either Add Note or Add with a Note to add remarks to the record. These remarks will appear attached to documents or websites only when those records are part of a Virtual Collection.

Saving and Using a Virtual Collection

View all documents and websites that have been added to a Virtual Collection during searches by clicking My Virtual Collection on the menu bar. You may remove any record by clicking the clear button beneath it.

The buttons on the left-hand side of the screen allow you to:

open: View the collection name, owner and any passcodes that have been assigned if you are a registered user who is logged in.
save: Save the collection with a name of your choice.
save as: Save a revised version of collection with a different name and access privileges.
email: Send information about the collection to yourself or another person.
clear: Delete the entire content of the collection.

Note: To use all features, register at the site and log on.

Virtual Collections for Frequent Users

All Virtual Collections stored at the OnLine Campaign Literature Archive are visible, but only those stored for public access may be viewed and edited. Click All Virtual Collections on the menu bar to open the menu. If you are a registered user who has logged in, your personal collection will appear at the head of the list. The Owner Access and Access Level labels will show the status of a collection, and whether a passcode is required to view or edit its contents.