Images from Campaign Literature Archive
Online Campaign Literature Archive: a century of Los Angeles elections

Websites captured from 2012 elections to the present are archived and accessible via the UCLA Online Campaign Literature Web Archive.

Every American election produces thousands of campaign flyers, pamphlets, posters, and bumper stickers, generally called "campaign literature." These documents provide an important record of the campaign, its participants, issues, and tactics. Despite this value, the small size, short production period, and irregular distribution of the documents, all outside the bounds of the traditional publishing industry, put most campaign literature beyond the scope of standard library collections. These materials are seldom saved for posterity.

In order to fill this gap, since the 1920s the government documents section of the UCLA Library has built and maintained a Campaign Literature Collection, containing printed ephemeral election materials distributed by campaigns for local, state, and federal offices and ballot measures affecting the Los Angeles area. In response to changes in election campaigning brought about by the internet, in 1998 the Library also began to capture and preserve copies of campaign websites.

The UCLA Online Campaign Literature Archive presents a subset of the materials in the complete Campaign Literature Collection. It contains copies of all archived websites plus scanned images of selected print materials. (Currently, this includes all elections from 1908 to 1939, and some materials from 1940 and 2000.) These are made available on the web for the use of scholars and students across the world. New websites and newly scanned print materials are added to the Online Archive as they become available.

Candidates or other election organizations who wish to contribute materials (either electronic or paper) to the Campaign Literature collection should contact the Digital Library Program.